Groundwork #2

I love creating stuff, and worlds for that stuff to inhabit. One of the great things about this kind of project is I get to do exactly that.

Here is some more work at building up the visual backstory:

Powerstation Incident

Powerstation Incident

Creating dramatic scenes helps me to not only pique people’s interest, but also to test out scenarios that Phill and I have discussed as events that might happen in the course of the game, different storytelling perspectives and tones.

X ray incoming. Weapons hot.

X ray incoming. Weapons hot.

This kind of urban attack scene is a typical trope, but not all is as it seems with our plans. Part of the fun is playing with what people typically expect of a monster attack scenario.

Brainbase launches

Brainbase launches

Also these creatures have their own backstory, which will remain secret for now- you will probably have to play the game to get to the bottom of what s going on with them!

Rumours in the wilds

Rumours in the wilds

Anyway that is enough for now.



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