This is no game?!

So while Luke gets on with his business of creating concept art and the like I have been building the game, and this is not what it looks like. The following image is of the map editor, or at least the first version of it.

Map Editor

Map Editor

Obviously there is zero art in it, it is not the game engine, in fact the plan is at present that at no point will you see the contents of the map in the game! It is a tool for tuning units, creating landscapes and devising puzzles. I made the decision not to write the engine first as far as I can tell this is the biggest mistake I have made in the past when setting out to write a game because invariably I rarely get past it. So as a change I decided to write the game bit of the game first and leave the engine bit till later.

Story Editor

Story Editor

The game bit includes the story and for that I have build a story node system and editor, seen above. It allows me to craft loose narratives and dynamic story arcs using a simple scripting language I created for this purpose, I can step through and debug the story and will eventually build or generate test run throughs so we can plug holes and see issues at a high level. For the final product I can convert (Emit) the finished story as IL bytecode for maximum efficiency but having it as a scripting language allows me to analyses and modify the structure more easily. For instance the blue node diagram in the upper left portion of the image is generated by analyzing the script and not by explicitly linking nodes.


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