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The interesting and frustrating thing about being the lead (by which I mean sole) artist on a project is the responsibility for creating lore-applicable imagery on the fly.
I’ve just been finishing up some artwork to be used for promotion, and it called for some kind of alien writing.
Yet it has to be recognisable *as* writing and not seem like a picture or something.

I like things that seem familiar yet aren’t- misleading in a playful way. So I sketched out some eldritch hieroglyphs until I liked what I was looking at. The following image was then used as a basis for a much larger element of the finished artwork.

Doesn’t look much I know, but it require thinking about the concepts from a different perspective.


Hello and welcome. This is a blog where we will document the development of our game.

Right now it has the working title of ‘Project Defence’ but that will change as things progress, and we will keep the world updated from here.

Don’t worry it isn’t a tower defence game either.